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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - Inquiry and Rec
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26th-May-2017 10:46 pm - Xander Driven Insane/Put in a aslyum
Looking for two stories:

1. Drusilla slowly drive Xander insane while he and his parents are on a vacation. Spike eventually finds them and Xander is already turned and can hear the stars like Dru.

2. Xander's parents put him in a ayslum and Drusilla gets herself admitted and she and Spike break him out. Angel 'rescues' Xander and takes him back to the ayslum, not realizing his mistake until too late.

Any help would be great!
15th-May-2017 09:01 pm - Looking for knightout by ladyfae
Kpop: Bom bright
Doss anyone know where I can find the Willlow/Angel fic Knightout by LadyFae
Please if you find an active archive or have a copy let me know at mypetconcubine@gmail.com
Xander: through the years
No idea if this fic was slash, gen, complete or wip--strong possibility it was slash (spander or xangel). Most likely AU at some point in college years as fairly sure doesn't involve end of series.

Found! Info under the cut

Read More (might contain spoilers to story)Collapse )
Hello all!

I'm a long-time FAN looking to return to the fold but it's been an ungodly LONG time since I hunted down some good ol' Spike/Angel stories. So many of the old HAUNTS are purged, relocated, or obsolete, a little help please?

Any and ALL faves or classics would be WONDERFUL. That said, there is this ONE that I can't find. I read it years ago and it's bugging me like an itch I cannot scratch. Here's what I remember:

-Spike pre-soul. Has a chip in his head
courtesy of the Initiative.
-Spike ends up in LA
-Story diverges after the episode "The Ring" where Angel is captured and forced to fight in the arena.
-Angel/Demon non-con
-Angelus is briefly set loose in the arena. Spike is the one to notices this fact.
-Spike does not harm the LA Gang.
-Spike looks after his 'sire' / Angel when he is rescued.

Goodness knows, it's not a lot to work off of. I HOPE someone else will remember the one I'm trying to FIND. Thanks, in advance (just in case).

Bear with me, ONE last request?

-ANY pairing.

14th-Nov-2016 01:13 pm - Spike and Xander fic
In it Xander and Spike get stranded in an alternate reality on am island. I think that Xander doesn't age and Spike can go in the sun. I know they eventually fall in love. And then Tara and willow find them but they decide to stay. And Tara and willow eventially come there to live also
4th-Apr-2016 02:34 am - Dawn and Connor fic
This was a lot of years ago, at least ten? So I'm running into a lot of trouble looking, but I'd appreciate any help!

Dawn and Connor have been kidnapped or captured and are being held together in a cell that, if I remember correctly, was kind of like a zoo enclosure but without the spectators. There was something about a field...

If anyone has any idea, I would love any direction you could give. Thanks!
2nd-Nov-2015 09:45 am - Fic Search, Xander/Angel(us)
This is a very old story, and I no longer have a link or any real info on it. Angel(us) and Xander are trapped in another dimension or realm. They end up working together, becoming lovers and/or mates, and rule the place for, I think, thousands of years. Long enough that they pretty much forget Sunnydale and the people there. Then, they are called back for some reason.

It could be related to when Acathla opened and Angel was sent to hell, but I can't be sure about that.

Any ideas? Thanks.

ETA: Just remembered a bit more. The people, or beings, that Angel and Xander ruled over didn't want them to leave. And I seem to recall X and A standing on a ledge, or balcony, looking over their kingdom and remembering their years there.
Hey, looking for a specific Buffy/Giles fic. I last read it around the beginning/middle of the summer. It's an AU starting when Giles goes to consult Beljoxa's Eye and brings Buffy with him instead of Anya. Buffy asks Beljoxa's Eye why it's in chains and gets sent with Giles on a bizarre globetrotting quest to discover the name of this demon in a cave in Africa and its mate (this is the demon that grants wishes if you survive a trial, I think the same demon that gave Spike his soul back) so that when they go ask it for help it won't kill them both.

They take a detour in Romania (Sintesti, I think) to meet up with a Romani wise-woman type connected to Jenny Calendar and Buffy has to tell someone (I think Angel, or possibly someone on the Watcher's Council) that they're going to Bucharest or Budapest to get them off the trail. While in Sintesti Buffy is charged with killing a vampire/nest of vampires that have been taking children from the camp. She tries and fails to retrieve two kids (brother and sister) alive and has to kill the sister (I think). She also meets a really badass college/high-school-age girl from the camp and has interesting conversations with her about internal and external politics in the camp. There's a showdown at a bus stop when she goes to retrieve Romani workers who are coming back from the city.

After Sintesti they get on a plane to the African country where the cave is (Kenya? Nairobi? I forget which) and have to go all the way out into the mountains where there's this village that traditionally guards the entrance to the cave. They stay with an old dude and this orphan kid he took in (the kid is a refugee who ran some ridiculous distance to escape the war zone. He's the fastest runner in the village) who are the current guardians. Buffy and Giles had previously agreed Buffy would go since she's more likely to survive, but Giles goes while she's asleep and she has to catch up with him at the cave, where she talks the demon down from killing Giles without using its name to bind it. Then she does end up using its name to ask it a question. As they talk it comes out that the demon's mate was captured by the Shadow Men and used to make the first Slayer. She finds out at the end of the conversation that when she did that she forfeited control over it and it could have killed her/refused to talk to her after that, but it didn't because it's fond of her. That's not all I remember but this is already a super-long post, geez.

I cannot for the life of me remember which site it was on or the title or author :( but I loved this fic because, while Buffy and Giles stayed in character and developed a romantic relationship over the course of the story, they made such genuine heartwarming connections with other people and with other demons. Buffy promising to visit Beljoxa's Eye just for company in the future brought a tear to my eye :) not to mention her empathy with the cave demon over his mate's death. This fic also does a stellar job of balancing person-to-person connection and Buffy's genuine, clumsy but well-meaning responses to world travel and culture shock in both Africa and Sintesti. Hope all this rings a bell for somebody.
13th-May-2015 01:20 am - Fic Search: gen horror story
my sexy geek glasses
Hey there, I just spent an hour trying to track down a fic which I remember being pretty much the creepiest fanfic I ever read. It's a classical horror story, a one-shot, written as a series of watcher's diary entries, which makes me think the first person narrator must have been Giles. In the story, the scoobies have been fighting an original villain, who is a creepy supernatural being that only ever appears in the corner of people's eyes. He's been picking off the characters one by one and in the last entry, the narrator knows that he/she is about to go down as well. I read this story here on LJ. Does that ring a bell for anybody?
17th-Mar-2015 09:32 pm - Fic Search: Angel/Xander Vamp!Xander
Sun Shadith
I've searched all weekend and can't find it. I don't remember the name or who turned him but Xander is turned. I think at some point Angel finds him waiting for the sun to rise and convinces him to come with him. He stays in the mansion with Angel. He won't drink blood unless it's directly from Angel. Angel starts feeding more, so he can feed Xander.

I've tried every vamp!xander story link i could find nada. Defitintely not AngstMonkey. Any help would be appreciated.

*crossing fingers*
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