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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - Inquiry and Rec
Here trying to help...
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16th-Feb-2015 06:53 pm - Angel makes Faith eat broccoli
This may be all one fic or I may be mixing up two. Angel takes Xander in as a teenager because his home life is unsafe. Angel sets him up in a basement apartment next to his and acts paternal. Later does same for Faith after discovering her living in an unsecured motel room. At one point he lectures on human nutrition and makes Faith eat broccoli. Possibly in same or different fic, Cordelia is taken in as well. Possibly in same or different fic, Xander and Faith go into a warehouse (looking to scavenge weapons, I think) and are distressed to find demon snack food made out of kittens.
10th-Jan-2015 09:50 am - angel/dawn
at the end of season 7 dawn goes to leave with angel instead of going to europe with buffy
dawn ends up in a realashonship with angel
i think this is a smut fic with a couple of chapters
12th-Nov-2014 01:19 pm - long Xander/Oz fics
Hi! I am looking for longer (10,000 words or longer) Xander/Oz fics or even Xander/Oz/Spike stories. I have found a lot of short one but would love some long fics to enjoy. Please don't rec any stories with domestic discipline or where one of the pairing abuses or rapes the other. (I don't mind if the rape is done by someone else & the partner consoles/takes care of the other.) Crossovers are also O.K. as long as it features my pairing.

1st-Oct-2014 09:35 pm - Looking for a short fic
I think it was set after Joyce's funeral the Scooby and Fang gang ahead back to Buffy's house where they start to play a game of 'Never Have I Ever'. Where they discover a whole new side to Xander. The things I remember are; *Xander,Anya and Cordelia do a striptise,
*Xander gives Angel a blowjob (with Anya's permission)
Does it ring bell anyone?
Thanks xx
22nd-Sep-2014 07:55 pm - BtVS/SGA crossover fic, Buffy/Ronon
I've been trying to search for Buffy/Ronon fics on Google, and while I found a few there was one that seem to have been deleted. All I can find is this post, which has the header and a link to an LJ profile that has been deleted and purged. Further searches for "Arinna Black" and jeanetteblack only gave me a TtH profile with no fics.

The title of the fic I'm looking for is "A Kiss of Destiny". It's a Stargate Atlantis/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover, and the listed pairing is Ronon/Buffy.

Summary: Buffy Summers had a check list on life. Date a vampire, check. Have a one night stand, check. Get nabbed by a rogue government organization, be experimented on and then get dropped off on an alien planet? Apparently, she was going to need some more paper.

Does anyone know where I can find it, or have possibly saved it and can send it to me? TIA!
Hiya guys,
I've been raking my brain for a while thinking back about a Fic I read a long time ago. Its more like a oneshot; where a teenage Xander and Oz get picked up by cop Spike and Angel and they get coerced into 'servicing' them in their car. Spike has intercourse with Oz in the front seat while Angel plays some kind of mind game with Xander that makes him think about Angel even after the incident.
Anyone know the title or where I could find it?
Huge help, thanks
24th-Jul-2014 12:16 am - Angel/Dawn
at the end of season 7 dawn goes to leave with angel instead of going to europe with buffy
dawn ends up in a realashonship with angel
15th-Jul-2014 08:47 am - Lost Story
Green Rider
Hello Friends

I am searching for a story that was written some time ago. It was about Spike/Xander/Wesley that chosen by others to go out into the cave and get a weapon which would defeat the swarm. They had to stay together and they would go blind, deaf or something in case they got separated. They are not liked by others.

16th-Apr-2014 10:31 am - Xander/Buffy fic recs
Hi like the title says i am looking for some good xander/buffy no one-shots please for some reason every time I try to look for them I just get slash with xander from buffy the vampire slayer or him have sex with all of the girls its very frustrating I just want stories where him and buffy get into a legit relationship

Also has anyone seen this story it was when glory was there and its comes out that the monks made Dawn by making her Buffy's and Xander's biological daughter it was on ff.net i think 
Hey All,

I ran across a Dean Winchester/Faith Lehane crossover fic today and it got me thinking about a Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic I read a while back that had a Sam/Faith/Dean pairing. I don't remember much, but basically what I do remember is: Faith had somehow crossed dimensions from the Buffy Verse to the Supernatural Verse and had somehow gotten involved in a threesome relationship with Sam and Dean. In addition to that, I think in either that same fic or in a sequel fic Dawn became involved in a threesome relationship as well (can't remember who with), but Buffy was angry at Faith because Buffy thought Faith's relationship with Sam and Dean got Dawn thinking it was okay for her to be in a threesome relationship as well.

That's pretty much all I remember, except for that I am fairly sure it was at least rated Mature, R or NC-17 and that it was a longer fic with an actual plot that I just can't remember.

I am hoping you all can help me with it because what I do remember is that I really liked it. :)

Thanks in advance!!!

ETA: A friend figured out what this was, I had a few details mixed up. :) It's The Rules We Break series by FaithWinchester.
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