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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - Inquiry and Rec
Here trying to help...
Looking for a crossover fic with the shows in the subject line. The teams from these shows go to Cleveland to learn about the demon world. Xander gets shot by a Cleveland cop (original character). The Btvs split up between the various groups. The story mainly follows Buffy who gets assigned to BAU.

27th-Nov-2017 07:09 pm - Angel cheats on Buffy fic
I really hope someone can help me, I'm having a BTVS marathon and it made me think of a story I read a LOOONG time ago, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

It was an AU from season 3 on.  Buffy and Angel never broke up and he never left Sunnydale, but she did to go to college and while she was away, he started sleeping with Cordelia.  The only other thing I remember was that the the whole Angel Investigations crew was there (Gunn, Fred. Wesly, and Lorne) and I'm pretty sure B/A was the endgame.

I know it's next to nothing to go on, but I hope someone out there knows the store I'm talking about.
5th-Jul-2017 12:08 am - Young Lust by Ducks?
I need to find Young Lust by Ducks (I'm pretty sure that's who wrote it). Buffy babysits Angel's daughter. At one point it was on warriorsandlovers.com, but that's not up anymore. I can find a few chapters, but then they link back to that site. I found it (after MUCH searching) about 2 years ago, so it is out there. I saved the link, but my computer crashed and I lost everything. I think the site background was red/burgundy (I know that could have changed).
Please help me out. I loved that story!
2nd-Jul-2017 02:39 am - Xander is half vampire
I'm searching for a story I read maybe over a year ago. This is what I recall: Spike discovers he is Xander's biological father. He tells Xander about his discovery but he also realizes Xander's eye color isn't brown it is actually blue. Further in the story Angel is made aware that he is a great grandsire. Spike actually wants to be a parent to Xander. I also recall Xander injured himself, I believe it was his ankle, and he had to use a wheelchair. Xander was accepted to the university in sunnydale where he met Riley on the day of freshman orientation because he got lost and fell in the hallway.

I hope the synposis made some sense. I would really appreciate it if anyone finds this particular story. If not, I am open to reading more stories in which Xander finds his real family.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.
26th-May-2017 10:46 pm - Xander Driven Insane/Put in a aslyum
Looking for two stories:

1. Drusilla slowly drive Xander insane while he and his parents are on a vacation. Spike eventually finds them and Xander is already turned and can hear the stars like Dru.

2. Xander's parents put him in a ayslum and Drusilla gets herself admitted and she and Spike break him out. Angel 'rescues' Xander and takes him back to the ayslum, not realizing his mistake until too late.

Any help would be great!

Finally found both stories!!

#1: Season 2 With a Twist by shadith

#2: Of Shadows and Silence by Asharia (Xocoatldreams)

Links are in the comments if interested :)
15th-May-2017 09:01 pm - Looking for knightout by ladyfae
Kpop: Bom bright
Doss anyone know where I can find the Willlow/Angel fic Knightout by LadyFae
Please if you find an active archive or have a copy let me know at mypetconcubine@gmail.com
Xander: through the years
No idea if this fic was slash, gen, complete or wip--strong possibility it was slash (spander or xangel). Most likely AU at some point in college years as fairly sure doesn't involve end of series.

Found! Info under the cut

Read More (might contain spoilers to story)Collapse )
Hello all!

I'm a long-time FAN looking to return to the fold but it's been an ungodly LONG time since I hunted down some good ol' Spike/Angel stories. So many of the old HAUNTS are purged, relocated, or obsolete, a little help please?

Any and ALL faves or classics would be WONDERFUL. That said, there is this ONE that I can't find. I read it years ago and it's bugging me like an itch I cannot scratch. Here's what I remember:

-Spike pre-soul. Has a chip in his head
courtesy of the Initiative.
-Spike ends up in LA
-Story diverges after the episode "The Ring" where Angel is captured and forced to fight in the arena.
-Angel/Demon non-con
-Angelus is briefly set loose in the arena. Spike is the one to notices this fact.
-Spike does not harm the LA Gang.
-Spike looks after his 'sire' / Angel when he is rescued.

Goodness knows, it's not a lot to work off of. I HOPE someone else will remember the one I'm trying to FIND. Thanks, in advance (just in case).

Bear with me, ONE last request?

-ANY pairing.

14th-Nov-2016 01:13 pm - Spike and Xander fic
In it Xander and Spike get stranded in an alternate reality on am island. I think that Xander doesn't age and Spike can go in the sun. I know they eventually fall in love. And then Tara and willow find them but they decide to stay. And Tara and willow eventially come there to live also
4th-Apr-2016 02:34 am - Dawn and Connor fic
This was a lot of years ago, at least ten? So I'm running into a lot of trouble looking, but I'd appreciate any help!

Dawn and Connor have been kidnapped or captured and are being held together in a cell that, if I remember correctly, was kind of like a zoo enclosure but without the spectators. There was something about a field...

If anyone has any idea, I would love any direction you could give. Thanks!
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