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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - Inquiry and Rec
Here trying to help...
Fic Search: gen horror story 
13th-May-2015 01:20 am
my sexy geek glasses
Hey there, I just spent an hour trying to track down a fic which I remember being pretty much the creepiest fanfic I ever read. It's a classical horror story, a one-shot, written as a series of watcher's diary entries, which makes me think the first person narrator must have been Giles. In the story, the scoobies have been fighting an original villain, who is a creepy supernatural being that only ever appears in the corner of people's eyes. He's been picking off the characters one by one and in the last entry, the narrator knows that he/she is about to go down as well. I read this story here on LJ. Does that ring a bell for anybody?
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