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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - inquiry
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This community has been created for the sole purpose of inquiring about matters relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. It will mostly center around fan fiction: het, gen and slash. You can place a search for almost any kind of fics. The more information you give the easier and faster someone out there would help you out. Searches regarding essays and questions about the show fanon or canon are allowed. Recommendations for particular popular themes are accepted (e.g. Mpreg, gender switching, body switching) and will be placed under the appropriate title in the memories for easy reach. No fic will be posted here except by linking either in way of answering a search or within the theme recommendation.

You have to be a member to post, but you don't need to be to reply. Just remember, there are always people who check out what others had taken the time to search for. It makes sense if you consider that almost all what we are searching for is regarded as a good read, or has something unique that made you seek it. So people who might not be able to help you look for your story might benefit from finding interesting and good stories that are new or lost to them that you are searching for. Consequently, we will try to post fic searches that we come across and their answers with proper credit.

Self-pimpage is okay (just try not to make yourself look cheap!) and that depends on the requested search (either be it general or specific) or included in a theme-rec.

The more people know the more people that would look for a lost story. And the best way you present your search and the information in it, the better it is for someone to recognize it. Therefore, easy presentation for both query and result shall be beneficial to everyone involved.

Helpful Form of Entries

  • This will be mostly a fic search community and will apply to the following format. The
    relevant and most pronounced details (i.e. slash, pairing, genre) will be posted
    in the subject line and before LJ cut. When details are lengthy post under LJ
    cut especially if they are critical spoilers to those who merely want to benefit
    from the search result but not wanting the ending, how the pairing was
    established, or character death, etc. This and the rest of the details that you
    think might help people recognize/find your fic will be placed under the LJ cut.
    The more you give in detail the best it is to help people recognize/find it and
    give you what you’re looking for. Themes are especially helpful in reaching the
    quickest find.

    1. Example Search

  • If your request is answered please try to Edit the entry you’ve placed, and note that it was found. If it was a series of fics, or a general theme search, all you need is to say that your query has been answered. However, if it was only a certain fic, then it would be helpful to place the fic name and it's provided link in the editing, so it would appear in the post in the main page without need to read the whole entry.

  • You can place the most spoiler items under LJ Cut similar to the following (remove the
    ) <*lj-cut text="Read More (might contain spoilers to story)"*> place
    the tags before and after what you have to say
    This way you can place the more important details before the LJ Cut and after
    it, you can place the answer to your search, like was explained in the previous
    point, if there was any.

  • Forms of Theme searches are similar to that of singular and normal fic searches.
  • Theme recommendations are the only type of recommendation allowed here. You can only recommend a fic if it applies to the one or more of the Themes listed (or others that may be regarded as Themes - when in doubt you can ask) and you
    must specify it as such. You can recommend one story that falls under a known theme, but the more the merrier.

    1. Example Theme Reccomendation

    Warning: Some of the themes might not be appropriate for certain readers. Please read the warnings beforehand.

    The following isn't written in stone, submit your info and ideas for such accordingly.

    Some of the Accepted Themes

    • Hurt/Comfort
    • Angst
    • Pregnancy (MalePreg, FemalePreg)
    • Gender bender/switching
    • Body switching
    • Slave fics, Sub/Dom, Master/Pet
    • All Human AUs
    • Holiday Fics
    • Friendship, Family fics
    • Comedy
    • Missing Scenes / Episodes fics
    • Established relationship
    • Consort Fic
    • Crossovers
    • Cross-dressing
    • Long Fics/Series
    • Ficlets/ Drabbles
    • Fairy!Fics
    • Vamp!Xander, Human!Spike, Human!Angel, William
    • Loss of memory (long term or short)
    • Post-Not Fade Away/Post-Chosen
    • The ever popular Angel 'gift-ing' Xander to Spike
    • Fluff Fic
    • Dark Fic
    • Time Travel/ Dimension Travel
    • Driven by outside forces (spell, thrall, possession, drinking, drugs, rage...etc)
    • Not resurrecting Buffy (the second time)
    • Death Fic
    • Rape Fic
    • PWPs
    • Daddy!kink
    • BuffyComics/S8
    • After The Fall
    • Bonded

    Moreover, the few Unaccepted Posts are as follow:

    • No Flaming or spamming
    • No incest
    • No kiddy fic
    • No bestiality (Oz and the like are not included)
    • No Real People Slash (you can write/read it but we really don’t want to cause controversy here)
    • No request for Role Playing
    • No posting your fic here, or art, or video outside of a search/theme rec since this is not an archive for other than questions/searchers
    • No posting searches for other shows unless they are a crossover with a Buffy/Angel story

    If you have any questions whatsoever (e.g. proposing more themes, something you wish to post) please ask the mods, they will help you in what you find vague in every way they can.

    This fandom search community was inspired by  sv_inquiry .

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